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NewsMcLaren Reveals New Design Language For Its Next-Generation Models

McLaren Reveals New Design Language For Its Next-Generation Models

Expect cool new things from McLaren design

  • New McLaren design language coming

  • Swoops and scoops meant to call back to older models

Hot off the sale of the company, McLaren Automotive is changing its cars. The performance car company is giving us a look at the design ideals that it will use to shape its next genreation models over the coming years.

“Racing is in our DNA, and beauty flows from this relentless pursuit of performance. We are deeply inspired by six decades of McLaren history, but we are not rooted in our past. Our Design DNA will build McLaren into a brand that delivers 60-years of motorsport heritage in incredible lightweight supercars and beyond. A new era, with new vehicles, more product differentiation, and with Performance by Design at the heart of it,” Tobias Sühlmann, Chief Design Officer, McLaren Automotive.

The company says this will give them more design freedom. This is good because all of the brand’s current cars look largely the same, but bad since it likely means there’s now room for SUVs. It’s not yet clear if the new models will look like those or if they’ll look like each other, but the new shape is strongly tied to the original 1990s McLaren F1.

McLaren says it will use five principles in its design. Epic, Athletic, Functional, Focused, and Intelligent. Those principles are turned into the front view defined by two symmetrical horizontal elements meant to remind you of F1 cars, and a side signature called Performance Line that comes from Can-Am racers and the F1.

No word from the company on when we’ll see new models based on the updated design language. Whatever they look like, expect them to be quick.


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