Thursday, January 20, 2022
News McLaren Special Operations Spends 12-Weeks Painting Special Speedtail

McLaren Special Operations Spends 12-Weeks Painting Special Speedtail

Striped and faded Macca took 12 weeks in the paintshop

  • MSO creates prototype paintwork on Albert tribute car

  • This may be the stripiest McLaren ever built

McLaren Special Operations and McLaren Beverly Hills have made a new Speedtail that is meant to honour the prototype that was used to develop the hypercar. Called Albert, because that was the name of that 2018 prototype, it is one of the last of the 106-car Speedtail run, and the company says it wears the most complex paintwork MSO has done to date.

The original prototype of the McLaren Speedtail was called Albert, which was itself a nod to the company’s original digs in the 1990s when the F1 was designed. That prototype used 720S front panels and was then covered with a vinyl wrap. The pattern for that wrap was meant to represent the airflow over the nose of the car.

Recreating that airflow look in paint on the carbon body of this special Speedtail was the challenge for MSO. They’ve used Magnesium Silver and Ueno Grey, respectively the colours used for the first F1 road car put on display and the colour of the 1995 Le Mans-winning F1 GTR.

The paintwork started with weeks of test panels and renderings, then continued with two weeks of masking the car, six weeks of painting, and another month of dry time and reassembly. It took a total of 12 weeks to complete, and MSO says 2 km of tape was required to do all of the masking.

The special Speedtail, which will also be called Albert, will be unveiled at a suitably fancy cars and coffee-style meet in Los Angeles this weekend.


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