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NewsMcLaren will Work with Ricardo on New Hybrid Powertrains

McLaren will Work with Ricardo on New Hybrid Powertrains

Ricardo will provide McLaren with its next generation of hybrid powertrains.

  • Ricardo will manufacture V8 engines that will be combined with electric motors in McLaren supercars.

  • These new powertrains are said to deliver best-in-class performance.

  • The engine supplier will continue to produce non-hybrid V6 and V8 units for the automaker.

McLaren and Ricardo signed a new deal that will see the engine manufacturer supply the supercar maker with a new generation of high-performance hybrid powertrains for the years to come.

Both companies have been working together since 2011 when McLaren launched the 12C, its first production supercar in almost 20 years.

Since then, Ricardo has supplied McLaren with about 34,000 powertrains that have been installed in supercars manufactured at the automaker’s Woking production center.

The new contract will see Ricardo manufacture the new generation of V8 engines that will be used in upcoming lightweight hybrid supercars.

This new engine was developed in-house by McLaren and the company says it will deliver “best-in-class performance and thrilling driver engagement”.

While we don’t know which products will benefit from this new generation of powertrain, it is expected to be an integral part of the automaker’s business plan for the years to come.

The new agreement will also see Ricardo produce non-hybrid versions of the new V8 engine in addition to the current V8 and V6 powertrains used in McLaren models.

While the automaker’s “Future of Performance” strategy calls for more and more hybrid models, the new powertrain will not be the first McLaren engine to be electrified.

Indeed, the company already offers the Artura, a supercar that is powered exclusively by a hybridized V6 powertrain that delivers 671 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque.

While the main priority for McLaren with its electrified sports cars is not efficiency, the Artura is capable of driving on electricity alone for up to 11 miles (17,7 kilometres), which helps it achieve consumption figures that are much more favourable than its gasoline-only rivals.

The next generation of hybrid powertrains from McLaren is likely to be more powerful and more efficient than the Artura, helping it transition toward a greener future while keeping all of the performance that is expected from its supercars.


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