Friday, July 1, 2022
News Mercedes-AMG GT Smashes Big Car Record Around the 'Ring

Mercedes-AMG GT Smashes Big Car Record Around the ‘Ring

AMG GT Four-Door Takes the Nurburgring for a ride

  • Beats Porsche Panamera by more than two seconds

  • Record lap set on cold, damp track

In what can only be called an excellent bit of news for executives who are running late for that crucial business meeting, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S has been officially certified as the fastest luxury vehicle around that legendary German racetrack, the Nurburgring.

Mercedes-AMG gives credit for the run to the newly retuned “elastokinematics” of the AMG GT, which means bushings that better control the parts that use them to attach to the body, as well as test driver Demian Schaffert’s knowledge of the course and skill behind the wheel. Schaffert held the previous class record using the old ‘Ring lap guideline set in 2018 by more than two seconds. More importantly, his 7:27.8 lap beat the previous record-holder, the Porsche Panamera, by just over two seconds.

The 639 hp GT 63 S four-door completed the lap wearing optional Micheline Pilot Sport Cup2 tires and was fitted with active rear steering, limited-slip rear differential, and AMG dynamics system. It also used the optional aero package that reduces the coefficient of drag and improves high-speed stability.

On the record-setting day, the track surface was just 10 degrees Celsius, and was damp in places around the near 21-km lap, making things even tougher for the racing driver turned development star. Mercedes-AMG also points out that they certified a time on both the traditional 20.6 km lap as well as the “official” 20.832 km full lap that the Nurburgring operating company instituted last year to improve record consistency. That full official lap includes the full course and a running start.

We’d love to see what the car would be capable of on a warmer, dryer day when the tires weren’t struggling to find grip in air temperatures better suited to winter rubber.


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