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NewsMercedes-AMG Turning Back to V8s From Four-Cylinder PHEV: Report

Mercedes-AMG Turning Back to V8s From Four-Cylinder PHEV: Report

AMG buyers want their cylinders back

  • Upcoming CLE 63 said to have V8, not I4

  • C 63 I4 PHEV sales not matching the V8

Mercedes-AMG is quickly changing its decision to put four-cylinder engines in its hottest models. A new report says that disappointing sales of the newest Mercedes-AMG C 63 models mean that the upcoming CLE 63 will instead get a V8.

The four-cylinder E-Performance PHEV system in the 2024 C 63 is quite the feat of engineering. Its 2.0L four manages an astonishing 469 hp on its own, with an electric motor adding 201 hp for a total of 671. It also cuts emissions, offers a short fully electric range, and lets Mercedes-AMG advertise that it used technology taken from its highly successful Formula 1 racing engines.

But, reports say, sports sedan and coupe buyers aren’t happy. Autocar says dealers weren’t happy with the new CLE coupe offering the four-pot either, claiming it was confusing to sell a four-cylinder Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 above a six-cylinder CLE 53.

For both reasons, the upcoming CLE Coupe will go back to the 4.0L twin-turbo V8, Autocar reports.

The site also said that the C 63 and GLC 63 models may return to their V8 power. “We will stay close to the feedback of people and customers, and then we will go from that,” Benz R&D boss Markus Schäfer told Autocar.

“We decided for the C-Class to go with the four-cylinder and a strong electrical side,” Schäfer said. “We decided for the GT and the S-Class to go with the eight [-cylinder] with the same electric side. We have to see what the customer ultimately decides.”




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