Monday, February 6, 2023
News Mercedes-Benz and AMG V8s Return, Say Dealer Leaks

Mercedes-Benz and AMG V8s Return, Say Dealer Leaks

Mercedes-Benz dealer staff say some V8 models back soon

  • Supply chain issues meant many V8 models dropped for MY 2022

  • New availability for V8s in SUVs, no cars added yet

Mercedes-Benz V8s are coming back, and buyers won’t have to wait another model year. That’s what’s coming from dealer employees and industry analysts, bringing the good news for buyers who want certain 580 models as well a few AMG 63s.

Last year, news broke that Mercedes-Benz would not be selling most of its V8 models in the US and Canada for model year 2022. That included Mercedes-AMG models like the C63 and Mercedes-AMG GLS 63, as well as other V8 models including the Mercedes-Benz GLE 580. The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon was gone completely, leading to high markups for the popular SUV. The reason given was the one expected, supply chain issues prevented Mercedes-Benz from building enough of the powerplants, so they decided to not make them.

Now, sources including a purported leaked document from a Mercedes-Benz dealer (posted to MBWorld by a user and customer), as well as a video from TikTok user BenzBlogger (one of the original sources for the models being dropped).

The new leaked info says that 2022 model year V8s will be open to order today, and that includes vehicles made at Mercedes plants in Alabama and Graz, Austria. According to BenzBlogger, this means G 550 and G63 models, as well as GLE 580 and GLE 63 vehicles and the same GLS SUVs.



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