Thursday, July 7, 2022
News Mercedes-Benz Beats Tesla To Approval For Autonomous Driving Technology

Mercedes-Benz Beats Tesla To Approval For Autonomous Driving Technology

  • Mercedes-Benz is the first automaker to receive Level 3 autonomous driving certification

  • Current systems such as Tesla’s Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super Cruise are Level 2 self-driving technology

  • Level 3 autonomous driving technology allows the driver to take their eyes off the road

Mercedes-Benz has become the first automaker in the world to obtain approval for its Level 3 autonomous driving system. The German manufacturer has thus beaten out its rivals Audi and BMW, as well as Tesla.

Level 3 autonomous driving does not require the user to keep his or her eyes on the road at all times like Cadillac’s Super Cruise system, for example. It is considered the next step in autonomous driving.

With a Level 3 system, it is possible to take your hands off the wheel and let the vehicle drive itself, but also to take your eyes off the road in certain situations. Today’s most advanced systems, including Tesla’s Autopilot (considered a Level 2 system), still require you to keep your eyes focused on the road. That said, Tesla has often been cited by the NHTSA for the lack of oversight with its autonomous driving system.

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