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NewsMercedes-Benz CEO Wants Second Smaller G-Class, Says Report

Mercedes-Benz CEO Wants Second Smaller G-Class, Says Report

A smaller, more accessible G-Class?

  • Mini-G could compete with Bronco, Wrangler

  • Smaller model likely an EV, based on CLA platform

Another G thang? The CEO of Mercedes-Benz is big on capitalizing on the popularity of the boxy but rugged off-roader with something smaller. A vehicle with G-Class looks, but a smaller size and, likely, a smaller price tag.

German weekly Handelsblatt (via Motor Trend) reported on the news. The outlet said that its internal sources within the company said that a possible baby G wouldn’t be a copy, but would have very similar styling. Along with a shorter wheelbase and a lower ride height.

The sources say that Benz CEO Ola Källenius “absolutely” wants it to happen. While that’s not a guarantee, if the CEO wants something badly, the CEO usually gets that thing. Or a golden parachute out the door, but that one doesn’t seem likely.

Of course, the smaller G-Class will most likely be an EV. The rumours put it on the same platform as the next CLA and suggest something in the range of 500 km with the same charge specs as the rest of Merc’s EVs.

What could an electric baby G compete with? Well, nothing, really. At least at the moment, and that’s part of the appeal. Jump on the off-roader trend popularized by the original G, the Land Rover Defender, and the Ford Bronco/Jeep Wrangler. With an electric driveline, the closest competition might be Jeep’s 4xe PHEV powertrain.

The report says that Källenius is getting some pushback within the company, though it doesn’t make it clear why. There are multiple reasons, including diluting the G-Class brand. Benz can’t keep the G-Class in stock now, so giving buyers a cheaper option might not be the best thing for the bottom line.




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