Sunday, September 26, 2021
News Mercedes-Benz EQS On Sale in Germany, Features OTA Activated Games and Pay...

Mercedes-Benz EQS On Sale in Germany, Features OTA Activated Games and Pay to Play Rear-Wheel Steer

EQS on sale now in some markets

  • Rear-steering will be standard, but will only work with in-app purchase

  • Edition 1 special will be offered to early EQS buyers

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is on sale now, at least if you live in Germany. Two specs of the model are open for orders starting yesterday, and the model will ring the till from 106,374 euros in 450+ spec or 135,529 as the EQS 580 4Matic. That’s $156,000 and $199,000 Canadian, respectively. There will also be some cool new features offered over the air, along with a first edition special model.

Edition 1 cars will be offered for a limited time, and give the EQS a host of upgrades. Starting with AMG line exterior trim and obsidian black paint, the E1 EQS will also get a panoramic sliding roof, 21-inch wheels, and, of course, Edition 1 badges. The interior is grey and blue Nappa leather with walnut trim and, yes, more Edition 1 badges on the floor mats and door sills.

Mercedes-Benz has had some fun with the Mercedes me Store and over-the-air update functions on what is normally a rather staid flagship. It starts with a customization package that adds a new Roaring Pulse sound experience, but also offers you games and light animations. Tetris, Sudoku, Pairs, and Shuffle Puck are all offered for when you’re sitting and waiting for takeout or a charge, while the new Digital Light animations can be selected for when you’re locking and unlocking your car.

A highlight mode has the EQS introduce itself and tell you about the features of the car, activated through Hey Mercedes voice control, and beginner and valet driver modes are offered. Of course, these aren’t free, with the pack prices dependent on which you order and for how long.

Rear axle steering is also offered through the Mercedes store. Temporary activations, free trials, and subscription services for individual features like this are planned.

Other extras include the MBUX Hyperscreen, Energizing Air Control Plus cabin air filtration, and Intelligent Park Pilot pre-installation, which will enable the function once software and rules allow.



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