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NewsMercedes-Benz G-Class Set for Update with Aerodynamic Enhancements

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Set for Update with Aerodynamic Enhancements

Mercedes-Benz is phasing out the current G-Class model to introduce an aerodynamically improved version in 2024.


  • Current G-Class production to cease early 2024; updated model in development.

  • New G-Class to incorporate aerodynamic features from the electric EQG, aiming for fuel efficiency.

  • Mercedes-Benz also hints at a more affordable, smaller electric G-Wagen variant in the pipeline.


Mercedes-Benz is preparing to conclude the production of its present G-Class model. The German automaker plans to unveil an upgraded version of this iconic SUV in 2024. Sources from Business Insider’s German edition suggest that Mercedes-Benz will halt the manufacturing of its existing G-Class during the first three months of the coming year. This move is in anticipation of the launch of the revamped G-Class that’s presently in its final stages of development in Europe.

2021 Mercedes-Benz G-Class | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Contrary to some misinterpretations by international media outlets, which believed that this might signify the end of the gasoline and diesel versions of the G-Wagen due to the upcoming electric EQG, it’s been clarified that only the current model’s production will end. The updated G-Class will take its place in production thereafter.

2019 G-Class

It’s worth noting that the G-Class is produced by Magna Steyr in Austria, a third-party Canadian company responsible for manufacturing various vehicles, including select BMW models or the Jaguar I-Pace.

Insights from the Autocar indicate that the forthcoming G-Class will incorporate several aerodynamic enhancements derived from the EQG model. This strategy aims to optimize fuel efficiency. Dr. Emerich Schiller, who leads the G-Class business unit, shared with Autocar how significant the improvements in aerodynamics were without altering the vehicle’s iconic shape. He emphasized that the knowledge gained from the electric version will be integrated into the gasoline-engine model, resulting in a substantial reduction in fuel consumption.

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Details regarding the specifications for the new G-Class are slated for announcement in 2024. It’s anticipated that the current AMG G63 model will continue to feature its 4.0-litre twin-turbo petrol V8 engine. Meanwhile, the European G500 variant is expected to transition from its V8 to a more fuel-efficient six-cylinder petrol engine.

In related news, Mercedes-Benz has also hinted at a forthcoming smaller electric G-Wagen version, potentially offering a cost-effective alternative for its SUV enthusiasts.


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