Monday, July 4, 2022
News Mercedes-Benz Gives C-Class Wagon the Outback Treatment

Mercedes-Benz Gives C-Class Wagon the Outback Treatment

Crossovers crossing back over

  • C-Class gets lifted and cladded for gravel road safety

  • New off-road lights and terrain modes part of new features

After the success of the E-Class All-Terrain and the entire segment of wagons with extra plastic cladding and all-wheel drive, Mercedes-Benz is building another. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain is “casually on its way in easy terrain,” whatever that means?

Yeah, we don’t understand the Benz marketing speak either, but what we do understand is that this is the C-Class wagon jacked up around 40 mm to give it a few hairs more ground clearance. Width is up thanks to plastic cladding wheel arch extensions, and the tires get a bit more sidewall with the standard rubber in 255/55R17, though lower-profile 18 and 19s are available. The automaker says the car “makes light work of light terrain such as unmetalled tracks with its larger wheels.”

Other All-Terrain C-Class indicators include fake bumper protection both front and rear as well as slightly revised bumpers. The All-Terrain also wears a slightly different grille than lesser C-Class models, and digital headlights offer a slightly wider pattern in off-road mode for better trail visibility.

Mercedes-Benz will offer three colour choices for the interior, including some stunningly luscious-looking caramel hides, as well as a pinstriped dash trim surrounding the massive center console display. Mercedes says the air massage seats have a wider massage area, the better to get out those knots after a long day spent off-roading.

A 2.0L four with 48V mild hybrid system will be offered, as well as a turbodiesel in Europe. Will the car come here? We’re not expecting it for the US, but Mercedes-Benz has recognized the Canadian wagon love in the past with the C43, so it’s entirely possible.


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