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NewsMercedes-Benz Has Almost No EVs Left to Sell

Mercedes-Benz Has Almost No EVs Left to Sell

Mercedes says it is almost sold out of electric vehicles and it is doing everything it can to satisfy demand.

  • Mercedes-Benz, as many other automakers, has trouble keeping up with the demand for EVs

  • The brand’s CEO said the company is doing all it can to get cars to buyers

  • AMG will soon have a dedicated electric platform

The demand for vehicles, and especially EVs, is currently so strong that most automakers are struggling to build enough of them to satisfy customers.

Mercedes-Benz is almost sold out of electric vehicles and it is doing all it can to get them to their buyers, according to the CEO. The reason given for the low supply of electric vehicles coming out of the automaker’s assembly lines is the same that has been heard from many other companies for the last two years: There are not enough components to build them with.

The supply shortages caused by the pandemic are still having negative effects on the production of vehicles and the ongoing war in Ukraine is putting an additional strain on the supply chain, especially for factories in Germany, where Mercedes builds most of its EVs.

The brand has recently introduced its first electric models in multiple markets and they are proving more popular than expected with buyers, which is another reason why the brand is in its current position.

During the same interview, the brand’s CEO hinted at a new dedicated platform for electric AMG vehicles that will be unveiled on May 19.

This means that Mercedes-AMG electric sports cars could be built using a different chassis and different mechanical elements than their regular, Mercedes-Benz counterparts. The first vehicles using this platform are said to be expected towards the end of 2025.

Hopefully, the supply shortages will have subsided by then since the demand for electric vehicles is projected to continue increasing over the years.


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