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NewsMercedes-Benz Takes EQG For the Lamest Desert Drive Ever

Mercedes-Benz Takes EQG For the Lamest Desert Drive Ever

G-Class posing, but watch it anyway

  • EQG goes to the desert, stays on pavement

  • Check out that roof rack though

Mercedes-Benz is showing off the electric EQG. The electric G-Wagen. This time it’s a really quick one, because Mercedes-Benz is using the irritatingly popular YouTube Short format.

The 19-second clip starts with one heck of a spiral transition shot that shows us the EQG is in the desert. I think the music was supposed to tip us off too.

Then the electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class drives down some impeccably perfectly flat bits of asphalt. This is “exceeding the limits of all-electric performance”? The bar is all the way on the floor here. Come on, Merc. We’re not even going to drive in all of that sand?

Ok, so what DO we learn? How about that we’re one step closer to an electric G-Class coming to market. You don’t drag this concept all the way to the desert if you’re not planning on doing something related to it.

We also get a close look at what has to be the most baller roof rack ever created.

Does your roof rack show a giant logo of its name on the roof? Will people flying over you in a helicopter be able to tell you’re driving a Corolla from 3,000 feet? We didn’t think so. Just LOOK at that sweet G up there. And ignore that the rest of the bracing looks a bit like the British flag.

Then there’s the blue lighting effect that runs around the perimeter of the vehicle. Will it be lit up blue at night? Law enforcement might have an issue with that one. Maybe blue on the sides and a different colour up front.

On the other hand, if you have G money, maybe you just deal with the occasional fine. You can use all the money you’re saving on gas to pay.

Even if it doesn’t tell you much, the clip is great fun to watch. Over and over and over.



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