Monday, January 17, 2022
News Mercedes-Benz Teases It's Most Efficient Vehicle Ever

Mercedes-Benz Teases It’s Most Efficient Vehicle Ever

EQXX teaser looks a stunner

  • Sleek concept will be most efficient Merc yet

  • Vision EQXX concept to be revealed at CES tech event

Next month, Mercedes-Benz is launching an electric vehicle it says will be the most efficient vehicle it has ever made. So get us ready for the reveal, Benz has given us a tease of the exceptionally sleek four-door Vision EQXX concept.

The car will be revealed at CES 2022 on January 3rd, with Merc calling it “a statement” of the company’s innovative strength and aims to lead in electric as well as in car software.

Slashing weight from the car is at the forefront of increasing its efficiency. Mercedes says that the EQXX will show what is possible by rethinking the automobile through the entire design process including lightweight engineering, sustainable materials, and cutting-edge drivelines.

With the EQS already offering a coefficient of drag of just 0.2, for this Vision EQXX to be more efficient it may need to slice through the air with an even lower impact, pushing the limits of road car aerodynamics. The shape also calls back to the Concept IAA of 2015, a car that wore a similar roofline as well as the reverse-slope tail visible on the EQXX.

No word on if this “software-designed research prototype” is just an exercise for the Mercedes team or if there is production intent for the model. We hope to find out more during the full unveiling.


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