Monday, January 17, 2022
News Mercedes-Benz to join the Electric Circuit Charging Network in Quebec and Eastern...

Mercedes-Benz to join the Electric Circuit Charging Network in Quebec and Eastern Ontario

Mercedes-Benz expanded its Mercedes me charging network with a partnership with Electric Circuit

  • This will give Mercedes owners access to 3,300 new charging stations

  • The stations are already existing, but Mercedes owners will now be able to used them with the company’s Mercedes me system

  • This network will feature plug & charge to make charging more convenient

Mercedes-Benz Canada has just announced the expansion of its Mercedes me Charging network in collaboration with Electric Circuit, one of the leading charging networks in Quebec and eastern Ontario.

This new partnership will allow Mercedes EQ drivers to use Electric Circuit stations as part of the Mercedes me network, meaning the automaker’s innovations in the domain are included.

Notably, this means that these stations will feature Plug & Charge, a system that allow for drivers to pull up to a charging station, connect the cable and then leave without having to lon on to an app and arrange payment before the current can begin to be provided.

This is made possible due to the integrated paying system in MBUX, the automaker’s latest infotainment system which can bill the owner’s credit card for the electricity used seamlessly, without the hassle that is often required at the charge point.

This new addition brings 3,300 new stations to the Mercedes me network in Quebec and Eastern Ontario, one of the leading regions in Canada for the number of electric vehicles on the road. The total number of compatible charging stations across the country is now over 8,950, including more than 1,300 DC fast charging stations.

In addition to public locations, the Mercedes me charging stations are also located in convenient, semi-public locations, such as hotels, mall parking lots and workplaces in an effort to make finding a place to charge easier.

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