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NewsMercedes-Benz Uses Virtual Reality to Repair Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Uses Virtual Reality to Repair Vehicles

This technology could become the norm for every brand soon

  • Experts can remotely help technicians to identify problems and carry repairs on customer vehicles

  • This system could also be used to train new technicians

  • Every Canadian Mercedes dealership is now equipped with this technology

New cars are getting more and more complicated, which means that problems are becoming more difficult to fix in a timely manner.

Mercedes-Benz has adopted virtual reality as a way to help technicians identify and repair complex problems faster with the help of an expert.

This system allows the company to have a few people that are experts in a specific area of car repairs to coach mechanics remotely via a virtual reality headset that can transmit what the technician sees and hears to the expert.

This system also allows the expert to send images to the technician or to highlight parts that need attention in the headset, meaning the person working on the car could have the problem areas glow, like in some video games.

Mercedes' virtual remote support
Mercedes’ virtual remote support | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

According to Mercedes, this will improve customer service since it allows dealerships to have much quicker and more direct access to company certified experts than previously, when they would have to physically visit the establishment, which resulted in long wait times and high costs for the customer.

This technology could also be used for training purposes since it allows for assisted hands-on experience rather than simply watching someone do the procedures on a screen. Every Mercedes-Benz dealership in Canada is already equipped with this system and the company is confident the service departments will quickly recoup their investment with the savings brought by it.


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