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Mercedes-Benz Won’t Develop a New Platform for the Next EQE and EQS Due to Low EV Sales

Mercedes-Benz has abandonned plans for a new platform for its flagship electric models due to low sales of the current versions.

  • The automaker has halted work on the MB.EA platform which would have underpinned new generations of the EQE and EQS.

  • Instead, these models will use an updated version of their current architecture.

  • This is intended to save money in the face of slow EV sales and a drop in demand.

Due to the slow sales of its electric models and a global cooldown of the EV market, Mercedes-Benz has put an end to the development of its new MB.EA Large platform intended for the next generation of the electric E-Class and S-Class.

Indeed, the automaker confirmed to German publication Automobilwoche that it will instead update the EVA2 platform that underpins the current EQE and EQS.

This move could reportedly save the company between 4 and 6 billion euros, making new versions of its electric sedans less of a financial risk.

It seems that the improvements made to the EVA2 platform will still be fairly substantial, however, since upcoming models are expected to feature an 800-volt electrical architecture, new motors, and new batteries, all with the aim of increasing range and reducing charging times.

The disappointing sales of its current electric vehicles have also led Mercedes-Benz to push back its transition to a full EV automaker, and it now expects to continue selling models powered by combustion engines well into the next decade, with the speed of transition being more closely matched to what customers want in each major markets.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz now forecasts that only half of its sales will come from electric or plug-in hybrid models in 2030.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Interestingly, while the MB.EA Large platform has been cancelled, the closely related but smaller MB.EA Medium is going ahead.

This means that the next generation of the C-Class and GLC, along with possible electric versions of both, will benefit from an all-new platform, which won’t be the case for the brand’s larger and more expensive E-Class and S-Class.

It will be interesting to see if global demand for electric vehicles picks back up in the coming months and years or if the EV boom is truly over.

Source: Automobilwoche via Carscoops


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