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NewsMG is working on an Electric Roadster to Compete with the Mazda...

MG is working on an Electric Roadster to Compete with the Mazda MX-5 in Europe

MG is teasing an electric roadster that will go head to head with the MX-5, in Europe.

  • MG is owned by Chinese SAIC and has produced a number of EVs in the last few years

  • The last roadster sold by MG was the TF in 2011

  • This new electric sports car is based on the Cyberster concept

British automaker MG is trying to return to its roots by teasing a new electric roadster to compete with the Mazda MX-5.

As with many British car companies, MG has a tortuous past and its products have not always followed the same recipe. Indeed, the company is best known for making sporty roadsters in the 60s and 70s, but its latter years were dedicated to building hotter versions of Rover vehicles.

Since the brand was bought by China’s SAIC in 2005, MG has distanced itself from its past even further by selling lightly rebadged versions of its parent company’s vehicles, which are all designed in China.

Now, MG wants to return to its roots by bringing back a roadster to its lineup for the first time since the 1995-era MG F and TF were discontinued in 2011.

This new model was previewed by the Cyberster concept a few years ago but now, the automaker is teasing the production version, which could arrive in the next few years.

Few details are known about it, but we know this model will be electric and the video that has been released shows it will be very similar in concept to the Mazda MX-5.

This makes sense since the first generation of the MX-5 was heavily influenced by traditional British roadsters, many of which were built by MG.

The short teaser video also hints at the presence of a yoke instead of a traditional steering wheel, as well as Lamborghini-style doors, however, both of those elements might not make it to the final version.

This model should enter Europe in the coming years, but since MG is not present in North America, it is unlikely we will get to see it on our shores.

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