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NewsMillennials Pick Chevy As Their Top Brand

Millennials Pick Chevy As Their Top Brand

Chevy resonates the most with the fastest growing new-car shopping group; millennials. The combination of available technology and affordability make the product more appealing.

According to the latest study by, Millennials and Gen Z buyers (anyone under 36) have selected Chevrolet as the brand they most identify with, plan to buy next or as the brand they currently own.

The questions, lifted from the study, are fairly straight-forward and simple. The sampling isn’t huge as Autolist polled 1,750 shoppers but here are the top 5 answers to the queries:

Which of these brands speaks to your age group the most?
1. Chevy
2. Ford
3. Honda
4. BMW
5. Toyota

Which of these brands would you consider buying today?
1. Chevy
2. Toyota
3. Ford
4. Honda
5. Dodge/Ram

Which of these brands do you currently own?
1. Chevy
2. Ford
3. Toyota
4. Honda
5. Nissan

Interestingly, of the lowest ranked brands to these questions, we find Buick and Cadillac which should very much worry GM. Although these Millennials may select a Chevrolet product now, it certainly looks as though they will not be working their way up GM’s established echelon in the future.

As well, according to Autolist’s story, it’s cars like the Spark, Cruze and Trax that appeal to these young buyers. As we well know, the Cruze no longer is… Funnily enough, Ford comes in second twice and if we’re to follow the logical course of responses, the Fiesta and Focus are on Millennials’ minds. Sadly, they won’t be in Ford showrooms much longer either.

It appears as though Chevy’s hit a nerve with these young folks thanks in part to the brand’s “Real People, Not Actors” ads, which have been the source of some controversies. The wide-ranging availability of features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, WIFI hotspot, large infotainment displays and wireless phone charging seem to connect with this demographic.


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