Saturday, December 10, 2022
News Mini Aceman Concept is an Electric Crossover Look Into Mini's Future

Mini Aceman Concept is an Electric Crossover Look Into Mini’s Future

Mini introduces an electric crossover concept

  • Mini calls Aceman its first crossover

  • Electric model gets all-new exterior design for the brand

The Mini Aceman concept has cool details and whizzbang tech features like a projector that shows graphics on the dash. But it’s not those details that are important here. What is important is that Mini is building its first crossover and that with that new model Mini is greatly changing how it styles its vehicles going forward.

Ok, we’ll talk about that interior for a minute, because it is quite cool. There’s only a steering wheel and a center dial, just like the original Minis, but to make up for it Mini will project graphics – navigation directions or just fun stuff – from pillar to pillar. A textile dash covering instead of hard plastic or leather lets Mini do it.

The outside, though, is the important part. We think, at least. Instead of round lights, they’re now blocky with sharp edges. The same goes for the LED representation of the Mini grille. All around the car, this is a more rugged, more off-road-look Mini. Fender flares and a Union Jack roof rack and all.

At just over four metres long and two meters wide, the Aceman is a hair narrower than the Mini Countryman and half a meter shorter. With electric power instead of a gas engine, it’s probably going to offer more interior space, or at least make better use of it.

Mini isn’t saying what the electric powerplant will be. The Aceman Concept is more a look at the styling and warming us up for the new Mini look than it is a powertrain prediction of the future.

In an unusual move, the first time the Aceman will be revealed to the public isn’t at a conventional auto show. Instead, it will be at a German gaming con in Cologne, set for the end of August. We might get more details about the newest Mini then, if not, we’ll keep waiting.

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