Saturday, September 23, 2023
News Mini Boss Says Six-Door Clubman Won't Be Replaced

Mini Boss Says Six-Door Clubman Won’t Be Replaced

Strangest Mini getting the axe

  • The only six-door car is coming off the market

  • Mini Clubman to be replaced by version of Aceman concept

If you’re looking for a new car with six doors, your time is almost up. Mini has all but confirmed that the delightfully odd Clubman will not be replaced.

The British by way of BMW car company has recently shown off new versions of the standard Mini Cooper as well as the quasi-crossover Mini Countryman. But the six-door wagon Clubman was nowhere to be seen.

Top Gear Magazine spoke with Stefanie Wurst, the head of the Mini brand, about the Mini Clubman. “I wouldn’t say the space is filled but we will not have a Clubman,” said the Mini chief about the refreshed range. “The Aceman is a smaller concept but I think the five-door space (if not the six-door) is filled well by the Countryman and the Aceman. If you look at the sales numbers worldwide the Countryman doubles the Clubman.”

The Mini Aceman concept was revealed last year. It’s a sort of smaller Countryman, loaded with concept gizmos like a Union Jack roof rack and an LED nose that’s meant to communicate with pedestrians. And show off the car’s Britishness with more flags.

If you’re having trouble remembering all of the Mini Clubman‘s doors, the first gen actually had five. It had two normal front doors, a rear-opening clamshell back door on just one side, and a pair of side-swing doors instead of a bottom-open hatch. The second-gen has four normal doors and once again, two side-hinged doors instead of a hatch.

We’ll miss the little oddball, especially since it will be replaced by another crossover.


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