Saturday, June 10, 2023
News Mini Creates Maxi Puzzles to Help Ease Customer Supply Chain Woes

Mini Creates Maxi Puzzles to Help Ease Customer Supply Chain Woes

Mini puzzle, big fun

  • Tired of waiting for your Mini? How about a puzzle to pass the time

  • Mini making garage-sized and normal-sized puzzles for waiting clients

Like every single other automaker lately, Mini is having trouble getting enough of its vehicles to meet customer demand. That means some customers are waiting months or longer to get their new Mini models. To thank them for the wait, Mini is delivering a puzzle to customers that isn’t quite so mini.

The puzzles are called “we’re working hard to get you your car,” “waiting is the worst,” “in the meantime happy puzzling,” “Mini puzzle,” and “Not so Mini.”

They’re giant-scale, parking-space-sized puzzles that showcase various images including a Mini.

Not all customers will get the giant puzzles, Mini says only that they will go to “select” new customers. So maybe not if you ordered a base-trim Cooper in grey?

Other customers will get normal-sized puzzles, so fewer eagerly waiting owners will be left out.

“People buy a MINI because of its cheeky and fun-to-drive spirit, so we wanted to give owners something fun to do while they wait to get behind the wheel of their new MINI,” said Rah Mahtani, Brand Communications Manager, Mini USA. “The ‘Not So Mini’ puzzle is one of the ways we are showing the MINI community our appreciation as owners wait for their new vehicles.”

The puzzle looks extremely cool, even if it’s extremely large. If you really want one, maybe Mini owners will put them up for sale once their new cars arrive and they need the garage space.



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