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News MINI Developed a Soft-Top Cooper SE, But…

MINI Developed a Soft-Top Cooper SE, But…

MINI will take a convertible version of the electric Cooper SE all around the US, but it doesn't intend to offer it for sale.

MINI has unveiled what it calls “the only small convertible in the luxury segment with a pure electric powertrain.” This Cooper SE convertible is based on the gasoline-powered Cooper S, but otherwise, the open-air MINI takes on the attributes of the current hardtop MINI Cooper SE.

The catch with this idea is that MINI has no plans to approve this version for mass production. No, even though this car is ready to hit the road with components that are already approved to meet stringent build standards, the automaker will not be following through with this soft-top version of the MINI Cooper SE.

MINI Cooper SE convertible concept | Photo: MINI

The convertible will go on a tour that starts in Burlington, Vermont, and extends to Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina. The drop-top city car will, of course, stop along the way, with organizers of the event looking to talk to curious onlookers during the nine-day trek.

Under the hood of the MINI Convertible is the same powertrain from the Cooper SE with 184 horsepower and an acceleration time to 60 mph achieved in 7.7 seconds. The manufacturer also reiterated the time required to fold the roof, the operation that requires 18 seconds, the roof that can even be operated while driving up to 29 km/h, the roof that can even play the role of sunroof, the roof that remains partially folded.

MINI Cooper SE convertible concept | Photo: MINI

This promotional campaign is not surprising, as MINI plans to move to an all-electric lineup by 2030. To accelerate the adoption of electric power, the more “urban” division of the BMW Group may well multiply this type of awareness exercise.

MINI Cooper SE convertible concept | Photo: MINI

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