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NewsMini Samples Classic Models For New Electric Sound

Mini Samples Classic Models For New Electric Sound

Mini goes MIDI

  • Mini wants to make some electric noise

  • Sound becoming increasingly important to electric automakers

Automakers have made sound one of the most important parts of electric cars. The desire for each company to make their EV sound unique is quickly becoming a serious pursuit, especially when it comes to performance or “character” cars. Mini is the latest to announce its sound efforts, which include fake noises meant to mimic classic gas-powered Minis.

“The new sounds are an integral part of the digital experience and individually tailored to the character of each of the new models. They make an emotive appeal to the passengers in the interior while shaping the acoustic perception to the outside world,” said Oliver Heilmer, Head of Mini Design.

On the Mini Cooper electric, the company is planning four main sound modes. Named Core, Go Kart, Timeless, and Balance, each is expected to bring something different to the experience.

Core will be heard inside as well as outside, and it includes the legally required pedestrian noise. It’s inspired by Copernicus and the planets revolving around the sun. Go Kart is meant to go along with sporty driving. It has “strongly pronounced pitch and load curves.”

Timeless is meant to mimic classic Mini engines. Vintage Mini models and the John Cooper Works GP were sampled and then mixed with the Core sound. Accelerate lightly and it is more combustion-like. Accelerate “intensively” and it becomes more electric.

The last is Balance, which was designed for the Mini Vision Urbanaut concept. It’s based on the sounds of the forest, including a stream, crickets, and the wind. It’s meant to be relaxing for the driver.

Mini has also added new sounds to act as feedback from the car. 30 new audible symbols Mini calls earcons will alert you to events like park distance alerts and seatbelt sounds.

Can we hear the new sounds? Yes, at least a brief preview. But all it does is make us wonder why.



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