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News Mini Teased a new Concept that Previews a Small SUV

Mini Teased a new Concept that Previews a Small SUV

Mini teased a small SUV concept that will be unveiled towards the end of July, showing the brand's new design language.

  • The concept uses the brand’s new design language, called charismatic simplicity

  • It will be unveiled at the end of July

  • A production version will be released later and it will slot below the Countryman

Mini released a teaser image that shows a part of the silhouette of a concept that will inspire an upcoming small SUV that will slot below the Countryman in the brand’s lineup.

The concept will showcase the brand’s new design language, called charismatic simplicity, which calls for a less complex appearance that retains most of the traditional elements associated with the brand while giving each model a distinct personality.

This means that the aim of this new philosophy is to make every model easy to identify, while still keeping a resemblance to the original Mini.

Elements that are expected to stay on the new models are the round headlamps and most likely the ovoid grille, although this might not be the case since the vehicles that will use this new design language will be EVs, thus they won’t need a grille.

Something that is confirmed to stay, however, is the Union-Jack LED taillamps, which have been available on Mini models for some time. According to the automaker, this design of light will be one of the elements used to distinguish each model, meaning that the taillamps will be specific to each product line.

Inside, the simplification of the design will also take place, with most controls being integrated into the new circular center touch screen. This will allow the interior to keep a similar look to the previous models, which used to have a circular speedometer mounted in the middle, as well as being modernized by the larger display.

According to the company, some physical controls will remain and many of them will take the form of toggle switches, another distinctive element associated with Mini for many years.

The concept shown in the image is expected to take the place left by the Paceman, a small three-door SUV that was sold between 2013 and 2016. Rumours even say that the production version of the concept could use the same name.

Since Mini is aiming to become an entirely electric brand soon, it also gave consideration to the environmental impact of its vehicles when creating its new design language. This means that the concept will be entirely devoid of leather and it will feature very minimal chrome work, just like the production models that will follow in the coming years.

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