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NewsMini Teased the Aceman Concept Ahead of its Debut Later this Week

Mini Teased the Aceman Concept Ahead of its Debut Later this Week

Mini teased a new concept that will be unveiled later this week.

  • This model will be an electric SUV smaller than the Countryman

  • The Aceman will unveil the future design direction for Mini

  • The concept has lighting elements that can display patterns on the grille and the headlamps

Mini teased the Aceman concept before its official reveal which is set to take place on July 27th.

This concept will show the new design direction for Mini and it will preview its upcoming small electric crossover, which will most likely be called Paceman.

Mini had announced a while ago that it would add a second crossover to its lineup and it seems this model is about to make its debut in concept form.

Since the Countryman will grow when it enters its next generation shortly, this new SUV will be smaller, meaning that it will take the place of the Paceman that was sold between 2013 and 2016.

This concept will show the new styling direction for Mini, which means that many of the elements it will introduce could be seen in the next generation of a number of its products.

One of those elements is the large grille with an angular surround that reaches the bottom of the front bumper since this feature has been spotted on the prototypes of the upcoming Mini 3 door.

On the Aceman however, this grille surround is illuminated at night, and the upper portion of the grille seems to incorporate LED pixels that can display patterns, including the Union Jack that is seen elsewhere on the vehicle.

Those same pixels are also used in the headlamps, which can extend the patterns shown on the grille. This feature might not see production since it might not be approved for use on the roads.

Mini Aceman Concept | Photo: Mini Instagram

The taillamps are also made of the same pixel LEDs and they display their own version of the Union Jack, which is a distinctive feature that has been associated with the brand for many years already.

Inside, changes are expected to include a more minimalist interior that could feature a large circular screen in the middle like the one spotted in the next Mini 3 door.

Despite this approach, the brand says it will retain some physical controls to make it more user-friendly. Another change to the interior will be the lack of chrome and leather, which will be replaced by a number of recycled materials.

More details will be known shortly about the concept since it will be revealed in two days, but the production version could have to wait a few years still.

Source: Mini (Instagram)


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