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News MINI will Launch Two New EVs in 2023

MINI will Launch Two New EVs in 2023

MINI will replace the Cooper SE and add an electric Countryman this year while a smaller electric crossover is planned for 2024.

  • These models will be the next generation of the Cooper SE and the first Countryman EV.

  • The first will be built on a new platform while the second will share its underpinnings with the BMW X1.

  • A third EV based on the Aceman Concept should arrive in 2024.

MINI has confirmed that it will introduce two new electric vehicles to its lineup this year and a third in 2024.

Even if the brand hasn’t confirmed what the two models planned for 2023 will be, it is very likely they will be the new generation of the Cooper SE and the Countryman since both have been teased and spied out on the road.

The first will be an electric version of the next generation of the traditional MINI 3-door which should arrive shortly.

This new generation is said to be the last which will offer a choice between gasoline or electric power since the brand wants to sell EVs exclusively by the beginning of the next decade.

The electric 3-door will replace the current Cooper SE and it will introduce a new design language for the brand.

Obviously, MINI can’t stray too far from the looks of the iconic Austin MINI of the 60s, but this new model should feature very large round headlamps, trapezoidal taillamps, and a single circular screen in the center of the interior. All of these details should also be seen on the brand’s other upcoming models.

Speaking of which, the other EV set to be introduced this year is the first electric version of the Countryman, which will also continue to be offered with gasoline engines, at least for a time.

Currently the brand’s only crossover, the Countryman is expected to grow when switching to the next generation since the new model will be based on the BMW X1.

This should leave enough space in the MINI lineup to introduce another electric crossover based on the Aceman Concept in 2024.

Mini Aceman concept | Photo: Mini

Few details are known about this model yet, but it has been confirmed that it will ride on the same platform as the new MINI SE, which means it will be assembled alongside it in China.

This is because the new platform used for the 2024 MINI SE has been developed jointly by BMW and Great Wall Motor.

The Countryman will also change origins in 2024, the new model being assembled in Germany instead of the Netherlands.

More details about all three EVs should be released in the coming months.

Source: BMWBlog

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