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NewsMitsubishi could bring back Montero and Lancer nameplates in North America

Mitsubishi could bring back Montero and Lancer nameplates in North America

  • This new Lancer Sportback could even change form, becoming a Mitsubishi version of the next Nissan Leaf.

  • Is Mitsubishi really serious with this Montero name?


Mitsubishi once had a more extensive line-up in North America. Over the years, several important nameplates have disappeared from the three-diamond landscape, because of a certain SUV craze.

Through all these changes over the years, Mitsubishi has nonetheless managed to bring back a name from its past: Eclipse. Yes, it’s true that the coupe never came back, as strategists opted instead for the Eclipse Cross, a sub-compact crossover designed to support the Outlander Sport (RVR in Canada) in its quest to attract young buyers.

However, the automaker could well find other names that have disappeared from the brand’s environment. Mitsubishi has filed a trademark application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the name in question being Montero. And since this name has already been used on the sides of a genuine 4×4 capable of venturing far from the tarmac, it’s safe to assume that Mitsubishi will soon return to some form of off-road vehicle.

It now remains to be seen whether Mitsubishi’s intentions are real with this possible return of the Montero, but given the history behind this model name, its appearance within a few years is more than likely.

The other trademark filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office concerns the Lancer Sportback, although this is currently under appeal. It is not known whether the application has been accepted at this time. The Lancer Sportback was this five-door variant of the popular compact car.

Does Mitsubishi want to return to the compact car segment? Although the body type could mean the transformation of the model into something a little more utilitarian. Rumors even suggest that this Lancer Sportback could become the Mitsubishi version of the next Nissan Leaf. And this next Leaf, all-electric of course, would itself undergo a profound transformation, taking the form of a sub-compact crossover.

2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback | Photo: Mitsubishi

Whatever direction Mitsubishi takes in North America, it’s clear that changes are in store. The RVR/Outlander Sport is aging, the Mirage is on its way out and the Eclipse Cross remains a marginal vehicle. The return of these two important names could change the game on our continent.


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