Saturday, December 2, 2023
News Mitsubishi Motors Introduces New Electrified Crossover MPV at the Japan Mobility Show...

Mitsubishi Motors Introduces New Electrified Crossover MPV at the Japan Mobility Show 2023

Mitsubishi Motors unveils a new electrified crossover MPV concept car and other innovative vehicles at the Japan Mobility Show 2023.


  • The electrified crossover MPV concept car is designed for both comfort and performance, aiming for a carbon-neutral futur.

  • The Last 1 mile Mobility, a collaboration with LIFEHUB Inc., is a compact system powered by used batteries from electrified vehicles.

  • The all-new Triton pickup truck, with revamped design and features, will be launched in Japan next year after a 12-year hiatus.


Mitsubishi Motors is set to showcase several innovative vehicles at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, with the spotlight on their electrified crossover MPV concept car. This new vehicle integrates the dynamic capabilities of an SUV and the comfort attributes of an MPV. Aiming to contribute to a carbon-neutral society, the concept car embodies the theme of “Borderless Adventure.” It boasts a spacious interior and offers a versatile driving range and performance suitable for various adventures. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with adaptable driving modes, ensuring its adaptability to a range of destinations.

Mitsubishi Last 1 Mile | Photo : Mitsubishi

The electrified crossover MPV’s design emphasizes both functionality and safety. It comes with a high ground clearance, paired with an electric four-wheel drive system, ensuring a reliable grip regardless of road or weather conditions. This ensures drivers can confidently navigate through diverse terrains.

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Another intriguing introduction is the “Last 1 mile Mobility.” This compact mobility system, a joint venture with startup LIFEHUB Inc., utilizes used batteries from electrified vehicles. LIFEHUB Inc. is known for its commitment to enhancing mobility using advanced technologies like AI and robotics.

Mitsubishi Triton | Photo : Mitsubishi

Not to be overshadowed, the all-new Triton pickup truck prototype also promises to be a significant attraction. This pickup has undergone a comprehensive redesign, from its interior and exterior aesthetics to its engine. The new Triton, set to launch in Japan early next year, marks its comeback to the Japanese market after approximately 12 years. Among its notable features are a robust ladder frame, a 2.4L clean diesel turbo engine, and enhanced suspension. Its exterior design exudes authority, while the interior focuses on functionality and ease of use.

Mitsubishi MPV EV | Photo : Mitsubishi

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