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NewsMitsubishi will Show a Ralliart Concept on January 14

Mitsubishi will Show a Ralliart Concept on January 14

Mitsubishi will show a Ralliart concept on January 14

Mitsubishi once made its mark on the world of international rallying with its legendary Lancer Evolution and its Ralliart division, but both terms are a thing of the past. In fact, what is certain is that the performance sedan is not about to return to the brand’s line-up, but the Ralliart badge will at least be emblazoned on the sides of a concept vehicle.

Mitsubishi has released the first photo of the concept vehicle, which is scheduled to be unveiled on January 14 at the  2022Tokyo Auto Show, the exhibition that focuses on performance and the world of automotive customization. The unveiling of this new chapter for Ralliart is therefore fitting for this annual event.

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi doesn’t say much more about this photo, which clearly shows a rear diffuser tattooed with the famous crest. In the center of the latter, we can see a light illuminated by LEDs. The shape of the tailgate also points to the Outlander, the crossover that has been well received with its unique design.

At least for now, it’s too early to tell which model Mitsubishi used to develop this concept, which may well be approved for production. After all, the three-diamond division has already indicated its intention to bring its sporty wing back to the forefront, if only to appeal to this performance-hungry clientele.

What remains to be seen is what flavor this concept will have. The lack of tailpipes could well mean that the model will be powered by an electrified powertrain – plug-in hybrid or pure electric – although the regular Outlander (if it is indeed a performance version of the crossover) hides its exhaust system under the rear bumper.

We’ll know more about this Ralliart concept early in the new year. The question now is whether the North American divisions want such a performance-oriented variant. Let’s bet that some dealerships would love to see such a model added to the automaker’s lineup, because at the time of writing, the term “performance” is a far cry from what it once was within the Japanese brand.


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