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News Mobileye is Aiming to Have Autonomous Shuttles on US Streets in Two...

Mobileye is Aiming to Have Autonomous Shuttles on US Streets in Two Years

Mobileye expects to have a few hundred autonomous shuttles operating in the United States in 2024

  • Mobileye is an autonomous driving company backed by Intel

  • Their model for a robotaxi is a shuttle that can be used by 12 to 14 people at a time

  • The service will be limited to geofenced areas and speeds under 35 mph (56 km/h)

Mobileye, an autonomous driving company backed by tech company Intel, is looking at having robotaxis on American roads in 2024.

Many companies are working on ride sharing services that will use an autonomous vehicle to move people in large cities, including Mobileye.

This company’s vision is to have a shuttle service that can carry between 12 and 14 passengers at a time, like a small bus. These shuttles will not be equipped with any occupant controls such as pedals or a steering wheel and they will be built by Benteler EV systems, a subsidiary of a German Auto Parts group.

This service will be used only in geofenced areas and at speeds under 35 mph (56 km/h), which means it could be applied to a heavily travelled route, such as between an airport and a downtown area, or between tourist attractions, or as a supplement to existing public transport infrastructure.

These types of routes are currently mostly serviced by taxis, which are not as efficient because they can’t carry as many passengers and they are generally not electric vehicles. Transporting more people in less vehicles will also help with congestion problems in large cities and popular areas. In addition, autonomous vehicles will not be affected by the driver shortage that limits some traditional ride hailing services.

Mobileye expects to have a few hundred shuttles on the road in its first year in America, with a total that should reach 10,000 to 15,000 globally. Indeed, the company is waiting on regulatory approvals to start operating a robotaxi service in Germany and Israel later this year.


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