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NewsMopar Lets You Make Any Dodge Challenger a Widebody

Mopar Lets You Make Any Dodge Challenger a Widebody

Mopar giving you more Redeye for more cars

  • Factory parts let you make your Challenger Wider

  • Upgrades offered include hood, Redeye nose

Thanks to Mopar’s Direct Connection parts catalogue, everyone can now turn their 2015 and newer Dodge Challenger into a Hellcat Widebody replica. Yes, that means you, V6 Challenger owners!

The kit (via Motortrend) will be up for sale through the Direct Connection catalogue soon. Buyers will be able to get the widebody fender pieces using the same parts Dodge would use to build an SRT widebody model at the factory.

Conversion kits come with detailed instructions as well as templates, because you will need to do some significant cutting and modification to your stock Challenger. There’s a help hotline to guide you through the process, though there’s only so much they can do for you remotely.

A Hellcat front fascia kit will also be available, letting you upgrade the nose of your Challenger for a lot less cash than the currently popular method of buying the parts individually. Everything will be offered except for those splitter guards that Dodge is hoping you’ll get rid of anyway.

You don’t have to upgrade to a dual-snorkel Redeye hood, but you know you’ll want to. The same goes for the illuminated air-catcher headlight that feeds the cold air intake if you have a real Redeye.

The only thing missing are the right wheels. The Direct Connection catalogue is currently missing the right set of widebody-offset (and width) rims. You can get replicas elsewhere, or find a set of aftermarket wheels in the right size, but Mopar is keeping the real thing exclusive.

For the hood, fascia, and widebody kit, the MSRP is just under $6,000. Of course the real spending starts when you go to paint and install everything.




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