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NewsMore Canadians Lean Towards Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

More Canadians Lean Towards Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

New Survey Highlights Growing Preference for EVs and PHEVs Over Gas and Diesel Cars

– 41% of Canadians plan to buy EVs for their next vehicle, surpassing petrol vehicle preference.

– Government incentives and education are crucial for increasing EV and PHEV adoption.

– Most Canadians are unaware of available EV rebates and incentives, indicating a need for better outreach.

A recent national survey conducted by Electric Mobility Canada reveals a substantial shift in Canadian vehicle purchasing preferences. In short, it highlights a growing interest in electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) over traditional internal-combustion engine vehicles. This survey, involving over six thousand participants, sheds light on Canadians consumers and their notably evolving new-car buying mind-set.

2023 Nissan Ariya | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Key Survey Insights

The survey’s findings accentuate a notable change in preferences: 41% of Canadians indicate their intention to purchase an EV as their next vehicle, compared to 35% who still favor gasoline or diesel options.

Driving patterns among Canadians also reflect interesting trends. Most Canadians (54%) report driving 10,000 kilometres or less annually. However, EV owners tend to drive between 10,000 km and 20,000 km (38%) more frequently than non-EV owners (27%). Additionally, while 47% of Canadians undertake 1-2 trips of 500 km or more annually, EV owners are more likely to take 3 or more such trips (45%) compared to their non-EV counterparts (24%).

Commuting habits further reveal that 38% of Canadians do not have a daily commute, while 21% travel less than 10 km to work. These insights suggest a potential compatibility between PHEVs and EVs, and the driving needs of a significant portion of the population.

Influence of Government Incentives and Awareness Gaps

Government incentives play a crucial role in encouraging EV adoption. Nearly two-thirds of current EV or PHEV owners cited government incentives as influential in their purchasing decision. Faith in public charging infrastructure is also high among EV/PHEV owners, with 73% expressing confidence, while only 6% are not confident in the existing infrastructure.

2024 Kia EV9 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

However, the survey highlights a significant awareness gap regarding available incentives. Most Canadians are unaware of federal and provincial government rebates for EVs, with only 27% aware of the federal tax deduction for self-employed individuals or company owners purchasing an EV. Furthermore, just 8% of Canadians know about the availability of over 50 EVs and PHEVs priced below the average cost of a new vehicle in Canada ($66,400).

Impact of EV Education

The survey demonstrates the importance of education in influencing consumer choices. At the beginning of the survey, 41% of Canadians planned to purchase an EV for their next vehicle. By the end, after receiving detailed information about EVs, 62% leaned towards choosing an electric vehicle. This 18-point increase, representing a 40% rise, undoubtedly demonstrates the vital role that informed decision-making plays in the transition towards sustainable transportation.

Supported by the Government of Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund, this survey aligns with the mandate of Canada’s Net-Zero Advisory Body, emphasizing the critical role of research and education in achieving a sustainable future. The findings indicate a promising trend towards cleaner transportation options, reflecting Canadians’ growing enthusiasm for EVs and PHEVs.


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