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NewsMore Details about the Tesla Cybertruck will be Revealed on January 26

More Details about the Tesla Cybertruck will be Revealed on January 26

Tesla will reveal more details about its upcoming Cybertruck on January 26

The new category of fully electric pickup trucks is one that is likely to be successful in the near future. Several manufacturers have already expressed interest, while others are already preparing to market their respective models. Chevrolet is the latest to sign on with a Silverado EV pickup planned for 2023 as a 2024 model.

But what about the Tesla Cybertruck? The controversial pickup still hasn’t been shown off in its production dress, even though the automaker recently removed the model from its website, a move that has definitely fueled discussion in brand enthusiast circles.

Elon Musk was keen to reassure his followers as the Tesla founder responded to a question on his Twitter account by saying that the past year has been a supply chain nightmare. On January 26, Tesla, led by Elon Musk, will hold its usual earnings call for the last quarter of 2021, which will be accompanied by predictions for 2022.

However, Elon Musk pleased his fans by mentioning that he would take the opportunity to talk about the future and more specifically about the Cybertruck, the vehicle that was first shown in 2019. We might know a little more about the liveries planned for the truck and even about this version equipped with four electric motors, it will certainly be sold at a higher price than the versions with one, two and three motors. Will the colorful character say anything about the range and power of this top-of-the-line version? It’s too early to tell.

The other part of this answer suggests another announcement. Could we see or at least confirm the arrival of a less expensive model than the Tesla Model 3 within a few years?

We’ll know more on January 26. One thing is for sure, Tesla won’t be the first manufacturer to market an electric truck. Rivian beat everyone to the punch, while Ford is actively preparing to launch the F-150 Lightning later this year.


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