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NewsMorgan and Pininfarina Unveil Limited-Edition Midsummer Barchetta

Morgan and Pininfarina Unveil Limited-Edition Midsummer Barchetta

A Collaboration Between Morgan and Pininfarina Celebrates Over Two Centuries of Combined Coachbuilding Excellence

  • Midsummer is a limited-edition barchetta by Morgan and Pininfarina, limited to 50 units.

  • Combines Morgan’s craftsmanship with Pininfarina’s design, featuring aluminum and teak wood elements.

  • Celebrates over two centuries of coachbuilding heritage with a modern, visceral driving experience.

British sportscar maker Morgan and legendary Italian design house Pininfarina have joined forces to create the Midsummer – a strictly limited-run barchetta celebrating over two centuries of combined coachbuilding heritage.

Only 50 examples of the Midsummer will be produced, with every unit already allocated to customers following a series of exclusive preview events. It represents a landmark collaboration showcasing the talents and legacies of two iconic automotive companies.

The Midsummer takes the classic Morgan silhouette and reinterprets it through a contemporary barchetta design lens. The open-top body style provides an intimate connection between the driver, vehicle and surroundings – a philosophy central to Morgan’s visceral driving experiences.

Pininfarina’s design influence is evident, with the muscular rear haunches, sweeping shoulder line, and elongated tail evoking a sense of elegance from 1930s and 40s era designs. Unique touches include hand-formed aluminium body panels taking over 250 hours of skilled work each.

Morgan Midsummer | Photo: Morgan

However, Midsummer proudly flaunts Morgan’s signature natural wood craftsmanship too. Over 400 sustainably-sourced teak wood layers are painstakingly laminated together to form the sculptural structures surrounding the cabin – a world-first in visible exterior wood integration for a production car.

“Midsummer embodies Morgan’s 21st century coachbuilding approach,” said Morgan’s Chief Technical Officer Matt Hole. “It strikes a balance between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship that surpasses any previous Morgan model.”

Under the skin is Morgan’s bonded aluminium platform with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. Weight is kept to around 1,000kg through obsessive engineering. Adjustable dampers, forged 19-inch wheels and Michelin tires sharpen dynamics.

The cabin mixes classic Morgan elements like long proportions for precise driving visibility with bespoke details such as redesigned analogue dials and a resculpted steering wheel bearing a solid aluminum centre.

For Pininfarina, applying their exclusive ‘Fuoriserie’ (Italian for ‘out of series’) badge to Midsummer marks a historic first for a production vehicle – underlining its distinctive collaboration with Morgan.

“Midsummer investigates our brands’ origins in coachbuilding through a contemporary lens,” explained Pininfarina’s Chief Creative Officer Felix Kilbertus. “It celebrates the ideal of light-hearted motoring in a sensationally proportioned roadster.”

Named after the summer solstice and Morgan’s local Malvern Hills, Midsummer represents a new level of ambition from two marques keen to push the boundaries of automotive craftsmanship.

Production begins in 2024, Morgan’s 115th anniversary year, with first customer deliveries expected in 2025. A public unveiling is anticipated for the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

Morgan Midsummer | Photo: Morgan
Morgan Midsummer | Photo: Morgan
Morgan Midsummer | Photo: Morgan
Morgan Midsummer | Photo: Morgan
Morgan Midsummer | Photo: Morgan


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