Sunday, September 19, 2021
News Morgan Goes Off-Road With Plus Four CX-T

Morgan Goes Off-Road With Plus Four CX-T

Morgan gets ready to go adventuring

  • AWD Morgan ready to tackle the rally stage

  • Loaded with modifications to boost off-road capability

The latest and greatest custom car trend is the Safari build. A performance car modified to go off-road with a raised suspension and beefier tires. It’s inspired by the rally Porsche 911 models of the 1980s. The latest to jump on this wonderful bandwagon is Morgan Motors. They’ve created this: The Plus Four CX-T, designed for overlanding adventure.

Morgan says it has taken inspiration from historic durability trials and owner adventures. The company has been competing in off-road trials as far back as 1911. For this project, Morgan worked with rally experts Rally Raid UK to modify these Plus Four models.

The car has been modified to carry as much luggage as possible. That means replacing the rear panel with an equipment rack that holds Pelican luggage cases, a Zarges toolbox, and two 11L liquid containers. It also holds two spare wheels and tires. The exterior cage can handle even more gear, like bikes or surfboards. The side screens can be held up there too in case of weather changes.

The suspension is lifted, sitting on all-terrain tires. Wishbones from a Plus Six are used, which Morgan says adds track width, and damping is handled by bespoke parts from EXE-TC. The result is 230 mm of ground clearance, more suspension articulation, and improved off-road performance. Even the fenders have been adapted to clear the big tires and all of that travel.

An AWD system from BMW is fitted and lets the driver choose between Road, All-Terrain, and Extreme modes, each of which locks the center diff a little bit more. The Plus Four’s 2.0L turbo-four is unchanged, but 6mm thick aluminum armour protects the oil pan as well as the important chassis bits.

That cargo pouch on the left side fender holds recovery gear for off-road excursions. It also hides a raised intake for when the water is a bit higher than expected. A taller hood allows more airflow for hot desert driving.

Think of the Morgan Plus Four CX-T as the British equivalent of a Ford Raptor, and you’ve got the idea. Loads of capability, but with more tweed, a drier wit, and a strange aversion to crossing the Channel. Just eight of these will be built, with the price starting from £170,000.

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