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News Morgan Super 3 Revives Three-Wheeled British Excitement

Morgan Super 3 Revives Three-Wheeled British Excitement

Super 3 revives three-wheeled legacy

  • Ford 1.5L power for first Morgan monocoque design

  • Super 3 gets better handling, more space, more accessories

It’s called the Super 3, and it’s an all-new three-wheeled car from the quaintest of automakers: Morgan. It’s the first Morgan with a unibody structure and will use a 1.5L triple from Ford to increase power as well as refinement over the previous cars.

The Morgan Super 3 looks like about the most fun you can have in a vehicle on pavement without the need to exceed the speed limit. The biggest change is dropping the motorcycle V-twin that was perched ahead of the front axle on the prior three-wheeler. Instead, a Ford three-cylinder that makes 118 hp and 110 lb-ft is mounted slightly further rearward, nestled securely under the long bonnet.

A five-speed Mazda transmission is used and from the back of the gearbox power goes through a bevel box and a carbon fibre-reinforced drive belt. With that system and only one rear tire, a differential isn’t needed. More importantly to Morgan, if not necessarily to you, the engine will meet Euro 5b emissions standards, which should help keep it in production for years to come.

Morgan uses a bonded aluminum platform, calling it the company’s first “true monocoque.” That means some of the outer bodywork is a stressed part of the system, not just a bolt-on. It’s lighter and more rigid, and Morgan says it has more space for passengers while also helping enhance safety. This one can meet the same front impact standards as Mog’s four-wheeled cars.

The suspension uses pull-rods to slash unsprung weight and control the wheels. The layout also helps let more air get to the radiators to keep the engine running cool without the need for a larger opening. It uses 20-inch diameter tires created by Avon specifically for the Super 3. The Speedmaster tires are made to look like a ballooned-sidewall vintage motorcycle tire but are meant to handle more like a car tire. The rear tire is a more conventional Avon all-season tire, again picked after extensive development.

The Morgan Super 3 will be sold in Europe, the US, and other markets, with Europe getting the cars first sometime in the next few months. US cars come later in 2022. UK prices start from £34,958.33 plus tax, or around $60k Canadian ($47k USD).

Morgan will have a massive list of configuration options offered, including paintwork and interior fittings. It will also have luggage from Malle London, a nav system from Beeline, Quad Lock accessory rails, loads of graphics, and hard shell pannier luggage holders.

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