Tuesday, July 5, 2022
News Morgan Teases All-New Three Wheeler With Ford Engine

Morgan Teases All-New Three Wheeler With Ford Engine

One of the strangest vehicles on the road is returning

  • New three-wheel will move the car into a more modern era

  • Not this era, but still more modern than before


Morgan Motor has confirmed that yes, the company will be building a new version of its three-wheeled classic. And to prove it, they’re showing off the first photos of the new model, as well as some other details about the tricycle.

When the 3 Wheeler’s demise was announced last year, Morgan said that it would return, and they’ve stuck by that. The previous car closed to orders at the start of this year, marking 10 years of production of a model that traces its roots back to 1909.

No new name has been confirmed, though Morgan 3 Wheeler has to be near the top of the list. It will have an all-new design and “significant engineering enhancements.” While the previous model was popular, Morgan is acknowledging that it may have been a bit too much flavour for too many buyers. This time, “the vehicle will take inspiration from the many owners of the outgoing model that have embraced adventure travel and touring, and whose incredible journeys have reached all corners of the globe.” So it will probably be more comfortable.

The styling, Morgan says, will be inspired by the early jet age, while the old car was inspired by what we would call the early propeller age. With the new design, Morgan says it will be instantly recognizable compared with previous cars.

The old car used a 2.0L V-twin from S&S cycle that made a bit more than 100 hp. It was key in keeping the weight down to just 550 kg. For the new, something with a bit less character but likely a lot more drivability will be used. Morgan says it has picked a Ford three-cylinder, naturally aspirated. The company didn’t give details of the engine, but Ford currently offers three-cylinder engines ranging from 1.0 through 1.5L and from 64 hp to 134.

When will it be revealed? Morgan isn’t saying. Just that they’ll share more information “in due course.”


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