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News Most Popular Cars in the United States in 2022

Most Popular Cars in the United States in 2022

Five Toyotas and three GMs included in the top 13 in sales.

  • The Ford F-Series dominates the list of the most popular cars in the United States in 2022.

  • Strong sales gains for Tesla Model Y and Model 3, Chevrolet Equinox and Subaru Crosstrek.

  • Honda Civic plunges from 10th to 25th place, Rogue dives from 7th to 16th.

Slowly but surely, new-vehicle shoppers are seeing rising inventory levels at their local dealerships as supply shortages are starting to diminish. Here are the most popular cars in the United States during the 2022 calendar year.

Compared to the same period last year, four-quarter 2022 sales increased by 9.8%, amounting to 3,622,170 units delivered. On the other hand, overall 2022 sales were down by 8.0% at 13,865,892 deliveries, as opposed to 15,069,646 units in 2021. Here are the top 20 best-selling vehicles in the U.S. so far this year.

20. Honda Accord

Q4 2022 sales: 44,149 units
Q4 2021 sales: 44,688 units
Difference: -1.2%

Total 2022 sales: 154,612 units
Total 2021 sales: 202,676 units
Difference: -23.7%

Honda Accord sales were down by almost a quarter throughout the calendar year, causing the midsize sedan to drop from 16th to 20th place. Q4 sales were better with only a 1.2% year-over-year decrease.

19. Subaru Crosstrek

Q4 2022 sales: 39,798 units
Q4 2021 sales: 26,399 units
Difference: +50.8%

Total 2022 sales: 155,142 units
Total 2021 sales: 127,466 units
Difference: +21.7%

Thanks to strong third-quarter and very strong four-quarter sales, the Subaru Crosstrek climbed from 29th to 19th place on the list of the most popular cars in the U.S. Overall 2022 sales were up by 22.7%, knocking the Subaru Forester off the 2021 calendar year top 20. A redesigned Crosstrek is on the way for the 2024 model year.

18. Hyundai Tucson

2022 Hyundai Tucson

Q4 2022 sales: 49,682 units
Q4 2021 sales: 34,902 units
Difference: 42.3%

Total 2022 sales: 175,307 units
Total 2021 sales: 150,949 units
Difference: 16.1%

The Hyundai Tucson regularly climbs on and off the top 20 list, but it’s back again after a strong 42.3% increase in the fourth quarter alone. Sales were up by 16.1% over the course of the year, helping the compact crossover climb from 22th place in 2021 to 18th place in 2022, and knocking the Mazda CX-5 off the charts.

17. Jeep Wrangler

Photo: Olivier Delorme

Q4 2022 sales: 34,253 units
Q4 2021 sales: 39,900 units
Difference: -14.2%

Total 2022 sales: 181,409 units
Total 2021 sales: 204,610 units
Difference: -11.3%

After rising up the charts after its redesign, sales are beginning to diminish for the Jeep Wrangler. It’s a strong seller, as the 4xe plug-in hybrid powertrain did give the SUV a slightly greener image, and many buyers are choosing this option. It slid from 15th to 17th place compared to the 2021 calendar year.

16. Nissan Rogue

Q4 2022 sales: 56,345 units
Q4 2021 sales: 50,955 units
Difference: +10.6%

Total 2022 sales: 186,480 units
Total 2021 sales: 285,602 units
Difference: -34.7%

The Nissan Rogue continued its downward spiral on the charts, with sales dropping by almost 35 percent during the 2022 calendar year, nosediving from 7th to 16th place. On a brighter note, sales were up by 10.6% in Q4, so maybe the situation has turned around for the compact crossover.

15. Tesla Model 3


Q4 2022 sales: 57,500 units
Q4 2021 sales: 45,900 units
Difference: +25.3%

Total 2022 sales: 198,100 units
Total 2021 sales: 136,200 units
Difference: +45.4%

Estimated sales of the Tesla Model 3 were up by 25% in the four quarter of 2022 and up by more than 45% through the entire year, allowing the electric sedan to climb from 27th to 15th place—knocking the Honda Civic off the list of the most popular cars in the United States.

14. Ford Explorer

Q4 2022 sales: 51,430 units
Q4 2021 sales: 59,697 units
Difference: -13.8%

Total 2022 sales: 207,673 units
Total 2021 sales: 219,871 units
Difference: -5.5%

Q4 Ford Explorer sales were down by almost 14% compared to Q4 2021, but the crossover had fine second and third quarters, and wrapped up the 2022 calendar year with a mild 5.5% drop. That’s enough to remain in 14th place on the list.

13. Chevrolet Equinox

2022 Chevrolet Equinox

Q4 2022 sales: 48,758 units
Q4 2021 sales: 14,213 units
Difference: +243.0%

Total 2022 sales: 212,072 units
Total 2021 sales: 165,323 units
Difference: +28.3%

The Chevrolet Equinox posted a stupendous fourth quarter, with a 243% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2021. It must be said that last year’s results were severely skewed by production shortages. The compact crossover is back up the list of the most popular cars in the U.S. with a 2022 calendar year increase of 23.3%, moving up from 19th to 13th place.

12. Toyota Corolla

Q4 2022 sales: 50,660 units
Q4 2021 sales: 31,266 units
Difference: +62.0%

Total 2022 sales: 222,216 units
Total 2021 sales: 248,993 units
Difference: -10.8%

Toyota Corolla sales were up considerably in the fourth quarter of 2022, posting a 62% increase. However, over the course of the year, they were down by about 10%. The Corolla nevertheless remained in 12th place. Reminder, these numbers do not include the recently introduced Toyota Corolla Cross utility vehicle.

11. Toyota Highlander

Q4 2022 sales: 58,354 units
Q4 2021 sales: 56,564 units
Difference: +3.2%

Total 2022 sales: 222,805 units
Total 2021 sales: 264,128 units
Difference: -15.6%

The Toyota Highlander is undeniably a popular midsize three-row crossover, but sales have cooled down recently. Sales climbed by 3.2% in Q4, but dropped by 15.6% over the course of the year—resulting in a slide from 9th to 11th place among the most popular cars in the United States.

10. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Q4 2022 sales: 50,800 units
Q4 2021 sales: 74,717 units
Difference: -32.0%

Total 2022 sales: 223,345 units
Total 2021 sales: 264,444 units
Difference: -15.5%

Following its recent redesign, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was flying off dealer lots in the first half of the year. Alas, Q3 and Q4 weren’t as good, the latter’s sales having dropped by 32%. Over the course of the year, Grand Cherokee deliveries slide by 15.5%, and the vehicle dropped from 8th to 10th place on this year’s list.

9. Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Q4 2022 sales: 63,700 units
Q4 2021 sales: 55,900 units
Difference: +14.0%

Total 2022 sales: 231,300 units
Total 2021 sales: 190,300 units
Difference: +21.5%

The Tesla Model Y crossover is continuing its ascension up the sales charts with an estimated 14% increase in Q4, and an overall 2022 calendar year increase of about 21 percent. The crossover climbed from 17th to 9th place over the past year.

8. Toyota Tacoma

Q4 2022 sales: 61,451 units
Q4 2021 sales: 51,889 units
Difference: +18.4%

Total 2022 sales: 237,233 units
Total 2021 sales: 252,520 units
Difference: -6.0%

Toyota Tacoma sales are down by 6% through the 2022 calendar year, but the fourth quarter wasn’t so bad with an 18% increase. However, even though sales were down compared to 2021, the pickup actually managed to climb from 11th to 8th place among the most popular cars in the U.S.

7. Honda CR-V

2023 Honda CR-V

Q4 2022 sales: 59,468 units
Q4 2021 sales: 71,131 units
Difference: -16.4%

Total 2022 sales: 238,155 units
Total 2021 sales: 361,271 units
Difference: -34.1%

Honda CR-V sales took a plunge in 2022, and the new generation of the crossover couldn’t arrive at a better moment. Its overall 34% drop in sales was padded a little by a less intense 16% decrease in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough for the CR-V to keep its position on the charts, as it slid from 5th to 7th place.

6. GMC Sierra

2022 GMC Sierra

Q4 2022 sales: 72,415 units
Q4 2021 sales: 57,738 units
Difference: +25.4%

Total 2022 sales: 241,522 units
Total 2021 sales: 238,924 units
Difference: -3.0%

Combined sales of the GMC Sierra 1500 and GMC Sierra HD ended on a good note, with a 25% increase during the fourth quarter of the year. That helped the pickup conclude the calendar year with a scant 3.0% drop in sales, and a rise from 13th to 6th place among the most popular cars in the U.S.

5. Toyota Camry

Q4 2022 sales: 80,798 units
Q4 2021 sales: 57,026 units
Difference: +41.7%

Total 2022 sales: 295,201 units
Total 2021 sales: 313,795 units
Difference: -5.9%

Thanks to a strong Q4, the Toyota Camry managed to gain a spot on the top 20 chart, climbing from 6th to 5th place. The 42% increase in the last quarter soaked up almost all of the losses occurred during the rest of the year, as the sedan rolled through 2022 with a mild 5.9% drop in sales.

4. Toyota RAV4

Q4 2022 sales: 96,600 units
Q4 2021 sales: 94,292 units
Difference: +2.4%

Total 2022 sales: 399,941 units
Total 2021 sales: 407,739 units
Difference: -1.9%

With five nameplates among the 12 best-selling vehicles in the country, Toyota is doing well at the moment. Its most popular nameplate is the Toyota RAV4, which is the best-selling utility vehicle overall in the U.S., surpassed only by a trio of full-size pickup trucks. Despite a 1.9% drop in sales, the RAV4 remains very comfortably in 4th place.

3. Ram Pickup

Q4 2022 sales: 105,255 units
Q4 2021 sales: 134,616 units
Difference: -21.8%

Total 2022 sales: 468,344 units
Total 2021 sales: 569,388 units
Difference: -17.7%

The Ram 1500 and Ram HD lines were down by 22% in the fourth quarter, a slightly worse result than the 17.7% drop through the overall 2022 calendar year. As a result, the Ram Pickup slid from 3rd to 2nd place on the list.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

Q4 2022 sales: 138,875 units
Q4 2021 sales: 112,508 units
Difference: +23.4%

Total 2022 sales: 513,354 units
Total 2021 sales: 519,774 units
Difference: -1.2%

Adding a third assembly plant for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado HD production certainly didn’t hurt, and the factory in Oshawa, Ontario is greatly contributing to rolling out more units of the full-size pickup truck. Sales were up by 23% in Q4, down by a marginal 1.2% through the year, and the Silverado surpassed the Ram Pickup to move into 2nd place on the list.

1. Ford F-Series

Q4 2022 sales: 186,650 units
Q4 2021 sales: 191,173 units
Difference: -2.4%

Total 2022 sales: 653,957 units
Total 2021 sales: 726,004 units
Difference: -9.9%

Combined sales of the Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty were down by 10% through the 2022 calendar year, and down slightly in the fourth quarter. Despite the negative result, the F-Series is so far ahead of the rest on this list that its dominance wasn’t threatened even a bit, and remains the most popular car in the United States.

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