New 2020 Toyota Supra Exhaust Sound Teaser


Just in case you’d forgotten that Toyota long-ago announced that the legendary Supra was making a comeback, they’ve just released a teaser “Sound of Supra” video ahead of its world premiere in Detroit next month.

The video’s description, on YouTube, says that “There are not many things purer than the sound of a straight 6-cylinder engine being put through its paces.” While we’d normally agree, especially given this 6-cylinder 3.0-litre’s origin, we’re not too enthused by what we’re hearing.

BMW’s series of M40i vehicles, from the M240i to the X4 M40i, with B58 engine all sound incredible. The Supra’s turbo straight-6 sounds like it was modified by the tuner shop around the corner.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll promptly accept the keys for a test drive when Toyota throws them our way but have we taken leave of our senses? Do you guys like the sound?


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