Thursday, October 28, 2021
News New 2021 Genesis G80 Catches Fire in South Korea

New 2021 Genesis G80 Catches Fire in South Korea

Debris on the road may have caused friction that led to the fire

  • Brand-new Genesis G80 caught on fire in Jinju, South Korea

  • First reports indicate the fire wasn’t caused by the car

  • No casualties were reported

A freak accident in a tunnel in South Korea caused a brand-new 2021 Genesis G80 to catch fire, leaving the car totaled. The driver who had the car for less than a month luckily managed to walk away uninjured.

The news comes from Korean news channel ZDNet. Using a sophisticated translation software otherwise known as Google Translate, we were able to kind of understand what happened.

Apparently the G80 drove over a box filled with combustible products. ZDNet describes the box as being filled with “air cleaner products mainly installed in large trucks”. From the picture gathered below, it appears to be large air filters that used to hang from the side of the hoods of big rigs before aerodynamic improvements sent the bulky filters inside the engine compartment.

2021 Genesis G80 fire
2021 Genesis G80 fire | Source: ZDNet Korea

2021 Genesis G80 fire

The driver of the G80 believes that friction between the components inside the box and the undercarriage of the car led to the fire.

Investigators found the box in question underneath the car which would confirm what the driver is saying.

We’re sure more details about the incident will surface in the next few days. The good news here is that it doesn’t appear to be related to the car. Genesis did issue a recall for possible fire risk back in 2019 on the previous G80 and the G90 sedans. This particular incident, however, doesn’t appear to be a problem related to the car.

2021 Genesis G80 fire
2021 Genesis G80 fire | Source: ZDNet Korea

That’s good news because the 2021 Genesis G80 is one of the best-looking sedans to debut in recent memory. It’s a shame this G80 left us too soon.

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