New 8th Generation Ford Fiesta 3-Cylinder Turbo Is Loaded With Potential


As Ford promised, they will be pulling all their cars, save for the Mustang, from the North American market. As we prepare for this eventuality, Tuning Company Revo demonstrates the new Ford Fiesta ST’s true potential.

Ford announced the coming of the new generation of the Fiesta two years ago. While the new 8th generation car (7th in markets other than the UK) drew little attention, it’s the Ford Fiesta ST that got people talking. The new hot-hatch was to gain an all-new 197-horsepower and 210 lb.-ft. of torque 3-cylinder 1.5-litre Ecoboost engine and this, despite the fact that the new car was to be heavier.

All enthusiasts quickly took up arms against Ford on the decision, but the Blue Oval demonstrated the new car remains quite quick. We were not entirely surprised to learn the Ford Fiesta ST was still fast but what got our attention is the 3-pot’s potential.

In JB CTR’s video, he takes his new Fiesta ST to Revo for a tuning upgrade. Before the Stage 1 flashing the map, he logged some acceleration data and completed the test following the upgrade. The results are surprising. And make us a little sad.

While this is not news per say, we thought we’d share this find as we’ve always been fans of the Fiesta and the mighty Fiesta ST. We once complained to Ford that we deserved the Fiesta here and they finally brought it over, only to then take it away again before it got better.


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