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NewsNew Brand AEHRA Teased its Upcoming Ultra Luxury Electric SUV

New Brand AEHRA Teased its Upcoming Ultra Luxury Electric SUV

A new Italian automaker wants to revolutionize EV design with its upcoming ultra-luxury SUV.

  • AEHRA is a new Italian company that is aiming at the upper end of the EV market

  • The teased SUV should be unveiled in October, with a related sedan following in February

  • The company wants to begin deliveries in 2025

The electrification of the automotive industry has led to the arrival of many start-up automakers dedicated to building electric vehicles, the latest of which could be AEHRA.

This young Italian company which has now teased its first model has big ambitions since it is aiming at the upper end of the automotive segment.

The images show the silhouette of a vehicle that is very sleek and aerodynamic, which was one of the goals of the design team.

AEHRA electric SUV | Photo: AEHRA

According to AEHRA, this SUV was designed to show what can be done with EVs due to the lack of constraints imposed by mechanical elements such as packaging, cooling, and air intakes.

From the side, this as-yet-unnamed model looks more like an inflated sedan than a regular SUV because of its short hood, long windshield, and almost horizontal back glass.

Pictures from the front and rear show the headlamps and taillamps, which appear to be long and narrow LED light bars. At both ends, the four light segments are separated into two levels, with the upper element mounted where headlamps are usually expected and the lower one installed towards the bottom of the bumper.

AEHRA electric SUV | Photo: AEHRA

Since luxury electric vehicles are often presented as technological showcases, it isn’t surprising to see that the AEHRA SUV is equipped with gullwing doors that hinge up from the roof. The picture showing the doors open makes it hard to see if the gullwing doors will be reserved for rear openings such as in the Tesla Model X or if all four doors will open upward.

The young automaker is aiming to unveil the design of this model (along with its name) in October, followed by a sedan to be shown in February.

AEHRA electric SUV | Photo: AEHRA

Backed by private investors, this Italian company says to expect both of these models to make their commercial debut in Europe, North America, China, and the Middle East as soon as 2025.

AEHRA electric SUV | Photo: AEHRA


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