Sunday, February 5, 2023
News New Brochure Shows Jeep's Worried About Bronco

New Brochure Shows Jeep’s Worried About Bronco

Jeep publishes new pages to convince you Wrangler is better than Bronco

  • Jeep helping dealers compare Wrangler and Bronco

  • Who doesn’t love a good model-comparison cheat-sheet?

It’s no surprise that Jeep is worried about how the new Ford Bronco will affect Wrangler sales. After all, it’s rare to spend decades as the only competitor in your segment, so we’d be a bit nervous too until we knew just how many off-roaders were out there. So what’s Jeep doing? Making sure that dealers know the differences, and are able to sell you on why the Jeep Wrangler is still the best choice (at least in their eyes).

The brochures, posted to, show some of the Wrangler’s best features, but they also do seem to be upfront about what the Bronco can do instead of just looking down on it. They acknowledge the Easter Eggs the Bronco has, and compare the Jeep’s long-running brand to the long-absent Bronco’s brand heritage.

Ford Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler | Photo:

When it comes to product advantages, Jeep points out the Wrangler’s fold-down front glass, diesel engine, power roof, and diesel engine, all very strong arguments for the Jeep. It also notes that Mopar has far more accessories for Wrangler than Ford currently offers, a limited-slip rear diff, and the Jeep Wave. We don’t just mean other drivers waving, the Wrangler comes with complimentary maintenance, trip interruption, and other coverages for the first two years.

For rock crawlers wanting the biggest engine, Jeep has the highest crawl ratio. Bronco’s big-number 94.7:1 is with the smaller engine and tires, with the V6 and 35-inch rubber Jeep beats Ford’s ratio with diesel auto and both V6 gearboxes.

Jeep also tries to sell you on the concept 392 model, though the existence of a V8-powered concept doesn’t exactly sway buyers into a V6 today, so that might be a bit of a stretch.

In any case, rivalries breed innovation, and we can’t wait to see the fight that exists in the pickup segment to expand to off-roaders.

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