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NewsNew Ford Everest is the 4Runner Fighter From Down Under

New Ford Everest is the 4Runner Fighter From Down Under

U.S. the mountain too high for Everest to climb

  • Ranger-based SUV offered in Australia

  • Everest comes with locking diffs, 4×4

If you’re looking for a Ford SUV that offers full-frame ruggedness, off-road capability, and three rows of seating, with more refinement than the hooligan Bronco, we’ve got good news. At least for buyers in Australia, that is. Say hello to the all-new Ford Everest.

The Ford Everest is an SUV based on the Ford Ranger pickup. That gives it strength and ruggedness for regions like the Philippines, India, and Australia, where the model has been popular since 2003.

For 2022, Everest is entering its third generation, based on the new Ranger to deliver more toughness along with more creature comforts for the inside. Tough on the outside, a sanctuary on the inside, the company says in its press release.

The next-gen Ford Everest comes with two diesel engines, a 3.0L V6 turbodiesel and a 2.0L four, both linked to a 10-speed auto. With 4×2 and 4×4 drive offered with a two-speed transfer case, the Everest can ford 800 mm of water and tow up to 3,500 kg on the hitch. Locking differentials are also offered for more off-pavement traction.

A full load of Ford’s latest safety features are offered, but since it won’t be offered here we’re not really interested in that. What we are interested in is why Ford has decided that this Toyota 4Runner competitor isn’t going to be sold in North America.

With sliding middle-row seating and a folding third row, this model seems like a solid fit in the Ford lineup here. More rugged than Explorer but not as large (or likely thirsty) as Expedition, this could be a great replacement for the Ford Edge in our market.

The next-gen Ford Everest will go on sale down under soon.



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