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NewsNew Kia Logo Generates 30,000 Monthly Confused Enquiries

New Kia Logo Generates 30,000 Monthly Confused Enquiries

This situation shows that messing with the familiar Kia logo might have been a mistake

  • People are searching for “KN” car brand.

  • The logo was updated almost two years ago.

This is not a case of mistaken identity, it’s actually a situation where people in general no longer recognize a logo. Kia’s previous logo was simple as it prominently and clearly featured the three letters of its name in a familiar oval shape. Back in January 2021, Kia carefully edited the logo with mixed results.

2021 Kia Sorento X-Line | Photo: Olivier Delorme

The updated logo holds a clear “K” however the second letter looks to many like a backward “N” or “ᴋᴎ”. The issue is that the “A” is no longer visible despite missing only a short horizontal line within the upper angle.

The result is that at least 30,000 people search for the KN auto brand every month since the changeover almost two years ago according to datastudio.

Kia Gets New Logo, Slogan, Celebrates With World Record Fireworks

Online inquiries look like this: what car brand is kn? what is kn car brand? what is the kn car brand? And so on. A quick search online reveals a number of outlets relating the story now that has made headlines so, for Kia, the issue has essentially resolved itself.

Going forward, it might be prudent for other automakers to be mindful of changes to their logos especially if they’ve gone essentially unchanged for decades.


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Matt St-Pierre
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