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News New Study Shows Cheapest and Easiest Countries to Get Your License

New Study Shows Cheapest and Easiest Countries to Get Your License

Get behind the wheel the easy way

  • U.S. and Canada high on the easy list

  • India and Pakistan top cheapest

The easiest country to get behind the wheel of a car? That would be Mexico, according to a new study, with the U.S. and Canada at fourth and fifth, but more points behind than you might have expected.

Those are the results of a study done by online driver education portal Zutobi. The site looked at seven components to decide their driving test score, including age, cost, the types of testing, and how many hours of lessons were required.

Easiest Countries to lean how to drive | Photo: Zutobi

As a result, they found Mexico to be the easiest place to get a license. Most regions require only a theory test and the country lets 15-year-olds drive, for a score of 9.48 out of 10. Number two? Qatar, where a 14-year-old can get their license. The country does require a theory test and a practical exam.

The U.S. scored 6.95 because most of the country requires zero hours of lessons. The cost is also below the global average. Canada, at 6.93, was just behind because the tests here are slightly more expensive.

Hardest Countries to lean how to drive | Photo: Zutobi

Toughest to get a license is Croatia. Lessons there run an average of 85 hours, require multiple medical clearances, and testing costs nearly $2,000.

That figure made Croatia the most expensive country to get a license, followed by Malaysia and Andorra. The cheapest were Pakistan and India, where testing costs about $1. Testing in Vietnam won’t break the bank either, at $3, but the theory test contains 450 questions.

So if you want to get your license the quick and easy way, it might be time for a vacation. Then again, it’s no guarantee that your foreign permit will be accepted here, so that might not be the best tip to follow.

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