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NewsNew Study Shows Most, Least Distracting Songs for Drivers

New Study Shows Most, Least Distracting Songs for Drivers

Turn these down before they turn you up

  • Will these songs make you more likely to crash?

  • Study examines most and least distracting tunes

What’s the most distracting driving song? According to a new study, it’s the Numa Numa song.

Compare the Market, an Australian insurance quote comparison site, ran the study. The site made an index that used distraction factors like beats per minute, energy, danceability, and loudness. The worry is that you could lose focus and crash, but hey, sometimes you just need to rock out.

The song at the top of the list was Dragostea Din Tei by O-zone. Better known as the Numa Numa song to some and the sample for that Rhianna and T.I. song from The Hangover for others.

It’s on the list because of its high BPM and danceability score. “Which can make drivers more likely to tap their feet or move along with the music,” the study says.

Second on the list was Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z. That one has us a bit confused because it’s not particularly energetic, though it is a jam. The study says its 174 BPM can increase the risk of accidents.

We won’t go through the whole list, but it’s not a surprise to see Michael Jackson on the list twice. The top of the list has a distraction score of 78.8, with number 10 a 76.1.

Oh, and the least distracting songs? For a safer driving experience put on Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits, Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight, or Circle of Life by Carmen Twillie. That’s the song with the lowest score of all at 18.91 percent.




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