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NewsNew Tesla Model 3 Performance Details Leak Online

New Tesla Model 3 Performance Details Leak Online

Will new Model 3 be Ludicrous?

  • New motors mean 500+ hp

  • Adaptive suspension, sports seats added

The next go-fast Tesla Model 3 will make more than 500 hp. That’s the claim, as some brand enthusiasts on the Tesla Motors Club forum claim to have dug out details about the latest Performance version of the car from the automaker’s website source code.

The details include a new adaptive suspension. Rather than sourcing this from the usual vendors, the claim is that Tesla has designed its own software that it say will enhance body control. It also changes the suspension responses based on drive mode, typical of these systems.

A new track mode calibration will be available for the powertrain and suspension. The mode will also allow user configuration of settings, which should elevate what are expected to be new suspension hardware (aside from the dampers) for better performance.

The cabin will get new seats with ventilation for cooling and bigger and beefier bolsters to hold drivers in place when driving fast. A Performance model exclusive carbon fibre weave pattern for the cabin trim will also be part of the package.

According to the same source code grabs, Tesla is calling the new car the most powerful Model 3 yet thanks to new drive units. The code says the two motors will deliver more than 500 hp, though no acceleration times were given.

Expect the reveal of the car next week, to correspond with the company’s earnings call. It may be named Performance once again, but could also be called Ludicrous, as some prototypes were seen wearing that badge.



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