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NewsNew TeslaLightShow record: 687 Tesla owners gather in Finland

New TeslaLightShow record: 687 Tesla owners gather in Finland

  • The new record was filmed and the result is impressive.

  • Only Tesla vehicles produced from December 2022 were allowed onsite.

  • When will a new light show record take place?


The electric car may not offer the same kind of experience as the traditional ICE-powered car, at least when enthusiasts get together to discuss everything automotive.

But with new technologies and the almost infinite possibilities offered by the electric and connected car, sometimes an EV can be transformed into a beautiful backdrop for a historical light show. And that’s exactly what happened in Finland just a few days ago, with the participation of Simon Pollock from TeslaLightShows.

By the way, the company offers all kinds of free programmed shows to a variety of songs. For more information, visit

The event’s organizers are to be congratulated, as they were certainly inspired by the latest record-holders, which dates back only to September, when 255 Tesla vehicle owners gathered in Hamm, Germany. The meeting featured the song Can’t Stop from the repertoire of the American band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

But, as records are made to be broken, this most recent gathering of Tesla vehicles – all assembled from December 2022, by the way – brought together no fewer than 687 vehicles from the American brand in a parking lot in the city of Espoo, a municipality neighboring Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

The gathering was organized in less than two months, thanks to the support of various local Tesla clubs and several companies, which offered freebies and door prizes to participants.

The new record is well worth watching on video, especially as it only lasts for the duration of two popular songs. The first is Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears, while the second is Sandstorm by Darude.

With the brand’s dominance across the globe – in the electric segment, of course – this record is likely to be broken once again by another group of Tesla owners. Where will the next event be held? In North America maybe?


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